We will deliver the popular Tsukiji wasabi to your home

Convenient home delivery service that allows you to pay by credit card/smartphone

We mainly deliver delicious wasabi cultivated in Gotemba and Nakaizu and other famous areas, and deliver Kochi new ginger to your home. The wasabi that has grown thanks to the rich natural environment of the eastern Shizuoka area, including the underground water of Mt. There are more and more opportunities to hear the excitement and joy of "knowing the true taste of fresh wasabi."
We will only deliver quality products that have been provided to numerous sushi restaurants and soba restaurants carefully selected by long-established stores over 80 years old in Tsukiji. Please use the detailed services such as credit card payment and smartphone payment.

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Deliver delicious Gotemba wasabi to your home


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About us

For home delivery of wasabi, go to Tsukiji's Sabiyuki

We will deliver delicious wasabi to your home based in Tsukiji.

In order to satisfy those who are looking for a delivery service of fresh vegetables such as beets and ginger that decorate the dining table, we send fresh products and products directly from the production area on the same day. Known as a seasoning essential for Japanese foods such as sushi and soba, Sanoi is not only available in Japan because it not only enhances the main ingredients by expanding the taste, but also has various health and beauty effects. There is also a lot of attention overseas. We purchase fresh gooseberries of Gotemba and Nakaizu, which are famous as the production area of such band, from Toyosu market, and deliver them to your home according to your order.
Consumers are becoming more conscious of food safety because the information and distribution systems have evolved and you can get anything you want, and I think "I really want to find reliable food". It seems that there are many people. We have received a reputation for being "easy to eat" because we only deliver high-quality vegetables by utilizing the know-how we have cultivated as a long-established store over 80 years old. We can contact you as soon as the yaoi is received, and we will deliver fresh vegetables such as Kochi new ginger, so please leave it to us.

Tsukiji wasabi and Kochi new ginger we deliver are particular about freshness

We provide a delivery service of fresh vegetables centered on fresh wasabi, and carefully select only high-grade ingredients that you can enjoy with peace of mind. As a long-established store that has rooted in the region as a retail store and has placed top priority on customer satisfaction, safety and security, we have introduced a system that accepts credit card payments and smartphone payments in order to easily use vegetable delivery. . In order to deliver fresh vegetables to the home and to realize the charm and value of the vegetables to the maximum extent, we establish smooth communication with the production farmers and thoroughly implement all processes from cultivation, harvesting to distribution. I have reviewed it.
Kochi's new ginger, which is well received by many people, has a good scent and a refreshing taste with no acridness so that it can be sliced and eaten raw. In addition, we will speedily deliver quality-focused products such as Gotemba and Nakaizu's discerning headdress. We also welcome consultations and inquiries regarding your budget and quantity of orders, so please contact us by phone, email or form.