Fresh wasabi delivered from Tsukiji is gaining popularity

Delivering delicious wasabi from Tsukiji to each household, Sabiyuki has established smooth communication and reliable relationships with producers, and has created a system that can stably supply only high quality products. The high-quality Japanese sardines served by Ginza sushi restaurants and Azabu soba restaurants are well-received as "I can't stop eating once" and "I was moved by their deliciousness."
With today's growing interest in food safety and health, we will provide high-grade services that meet the needs of our customers.

We will deliver the popular Kochi new ginger along with wasabi from Tsukiji.

The new ginger, which is often seen in the vegetable section from the end of spring to the summer, has a beautiful white appearance with a slight pink color. is known. Compared to normal ginger that can be obtained all year round, ginger has a mild texture that does not feel fibrous, and it is often used in thin slices or shreds to taste the taste of ginger firmly. ..
As a well-established store that handles fresh and seasonal vegetables for more than 80 years, we hope to deliver high-quality gems without compromise to your home dining table, and we are providing Kochi newborn ginger that is famous in Japan. Kochi prefecture, which has a mild climate and a lot of sunlight and precipitation, occupies about half of the domestic production volume as the best place for ginger cultivation, but among them, high grade carefully grown with particular attention to the cultivation method. We will carefully select and deliver fresh Kochi ginger, so please try it once.

Enjoy a healthy life with high-grade Tsukiji Wasabi

It has become widely known that the health effects of Yamabi are widely known, and one of them is the "thrombogenic effect." Blood clots are a major cause of cerebral infarction and arteriosclerosis, and blood vessels are blocked by blood clogged with blood clots, and necessary nutrients and oxygen are not delivered, or blood vessels are ruptured, resulting in loss of life. It is a very dangerous symptom that can cause death.
Over the years, research has revealed that the ingredient "6-methylsulfinylhexyl isothiocyanate" is contained in Yamabi, which helps improve blood flow, prevents clogging of blood clots, and reduces blood clots. It is also known to have a pleasing effect, such as preventing the platelets that cause the above from becoming easily coagulated. It is expected that the active intake of Japanese yams in the daily diet will make the blood dry and prevent the deterioration of health that could lead to serious illness.

We deliver famous sushi restaurant wasabi from Tsukiji that can be used for recipes

It is known that wasabi, which has a pleasing sensation that squeezes through your nose and a unique fragrance, has an antibacterial effect and an effect that enhances appetite. Of course, it can also be used as a flavoring for food. You can use it for noodles and rice that you can enjoy a refreshing feeling, as a snack that makes you drink unintentionally, mix it with sauces and dressings, and there are infinite possibilities depending on your ideas. Is Aoi.
If you are thinking "I would like to make use of the high-quality hempweed cultivated in famous domestic production areas for recipes", please contact Tsukiji Sabiyuki, which is famous as a long-established store with over 80 years of history. Utilizing our network with producers in major production areas in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, such as Gotemba and Nakaizu, we will deliver freshly delivered freshly delivered wasabi to your home. We have many achievements as a purveyor of Ginza sushi restaurant, so please experience the difference.