We will deliver high-grade discerning bean paste loved by sushi restaurants and soba restaurants.

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Based in Tsukiji, Sabiyuki, a long-established store with more than 80 years of history, ships the same day according to your order so that you can enjoy the sushi restaurant Wasabi, which is favored at famous restaurants mainly in Tokyo, at home. I am. Based on our sense of responsibility and mission as a person who provides services that lead to customers' health and joy, we are building a solid distribution and management system, and are striving to expand all services that allow credit card payment and smartphone payment.
Information about new ginger hunting and seasonal wasabi is constantly being updated, so if you are thinking of using it, please refer to it.

Since Japanese food and other Western dishes can be arranged in a variety of ways, wasabi is used by many households in Shizuoka prefecture and Nagano prefecture, which are the two largest production areas in Japan, accounting for about 90% of the nationwide production. I will. It is said that the pungency that peculiarly wasabi falls through the nose is strongest from late fall to winter when the cold increases, but it is in season, but due to accumulated know-how and technological progress, production is done throughout the year. It is supposed to be done.
The wasabi from Gotemba and Nakaizu delivered to home has a beautiful shape and a heavy weight, and the bright green part is filled with spicy taste and flavor. In addition, the spiral mark that remains as a proof that it grew over time while dropping the stem is also evidence of good quality. We offer a home delivery service that supports smartphone payments so that even busy people can easily enjoy fresh wasabi and ginger.